The Best 3 Insane Batman Fan Theories


3) Heath Ledger’s Joker knew that he was in a movie

The Dark Knight (2008), which was the second instalment in the trilogy, featured Heath Ledger as the Joker. Throughout the movie, the Joker kept on stressing the fact that he was not somebody who would sit to plan things out. When he confronts Harvey Dent in the hospital, he says, “Do I look like a guy with a plan?” which pretty much described his personality but despite his “non-planning” personality, he somehow managed to always stay one step ahead of everyone, the police as well as the Batman.
This theory suggests that Joker knew it all too well that he was just a piece of entertainment to the masses and that is what he wanted to show to the Batman in the scene where Batman finally manages to lay his hands on Joker. You might think that Joker was perhaps suicidal hence didn’t fear death but he might have been trying to show it to batman that it wasn’t real. And when he fails to show the truth to Batman, he says,”You and me are destined to do this forever!”. The trilogy ended a long time ago and it is meaningless to seek answers to such questions but this sure was a great piece of imagination.

2) Joker was the hero of The Dark Knight

images (1)

We know, this would totally make the role of Batman useless but let’s put it this way. Batman wanted to save the city, put a stop to crime by making everybody see what it was to be on the good side but let’s face it, he did stop crime but he didn’t do much in making everybody see what it felt like to be good on the inside. However, no matter how Joker made himself appear, he exposed crime by running it, and he stopped it with fear. He exposed the corrupts in every department and single handedly managed to do what Batman didn’t over so many years. It is true that the Joker and Batman, represent two sides of a personality but, it’s always good to look at the bright side in everything.

1) Bruce Wayne (Batman) is the Joker

This one is the best of all.
All of us know that Bruce Wayne’s parents were shot by a man in a tragic incident which played a major role in Bruce becoming the Batman.
This is of the time when the multiverse is at the stake again. Only this time, it all comes down on Batman. He manages to defeat the ultimate evil of DC, only to find himself launched through time. He scrambles to find some clothes in the strangely unfamiliar city after his Bat costume was completely destroyed in the final battle by Z-Rays. And the one place, the one point where he stops in time was of that tragic incident which turned him into the Batman. He had absolutely no answer to why he had been there at that moment. All he knew was he couldn’t do anything to change it just to keep the timeline intact and preventing the formation of any other alternate timelines. So, he sees a family of three coming out of a theatre and Bruce (elder), realizes that this was it so he hides in the dark.
images (2)-2
He waits and waits for the man to show who killed his parents that night but nobody was there other than the family and Bruce(elder). In a shocking realization of something, he puts his hand down in his pocket of the coat that he’d been wearing and find something metallic and heavy. It was a gun. It was all clear now, everything went dark for Bruce as he realized that he was the one who had killed his own parents and he has to do it again or the multiverse would get destroyed because if that incident didn’t happen, there would be no Batman. He had to make a choice, he had to choose between his parents and the multiverse. Brave as he is, he chose the multiverse over his parents and comes out of the dark in a flash and shoots his own parents. And then, runs off in the dark as Bruce(younger) cries into the night over the dead body of his parents.
Nearing the narrow bridge, Bruce(older) begins to think what he had just done and unable to accept the fact that after all he did for everything the universe had him come down to this point, he climbs the highest point of that bridge, gazes at the suffering and unhealthy city and without a second thought, jumps down the bridge in an intention of killing himself.
The same night, dock workers pull a body from the waters, no ID and no wallet, only a gun and lint in his pocket. Broken, deadly pale but alive. As one of the worker, hangs up the phone after calling the cops, he swears that he heard something from the body..a giggling sound. It was the laughter of the man who knew the funniest joke in the world, only he had forgotten the punchline.
This one would have sure made an amazing story for the readers but fans have already enjoyed this one over the internet.
It really pays off to be a geek, doesn’t it?
– Vijay Dalal

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