4 reasons why it’s been 13 years and we are still drooling over F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

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F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is probably the most famous TV series of all time and specially because it was the perfect example of teamwork. Everybody was ideally suited for their characters and their characters were ideally suited for them. Here, we try to figure out the probable
reasons why we are still drooling over F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

1. Relatable Friendships

Every one of us, at some point has imagined what it would be like to live just a couple of doors away from the best of our friends. Almost a dream come true. We think about all the sleepovers and late night chats and watching our favourite movies but it stays a dream for us. This show, however, has so cleverly written down our best dream ever
and made money off of us. (For the people who don’t torrent)
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2. Glimpse of the virtually real world

In the first season, Monica did say,”Welcome to the real world. It sucks but you’ll love it.” but their world didn’t actually seem that scary or actually didn’t suck up to that level. Or it did but it didn’t seem to because they had each other watching their backs. And that is another thing we just wish we had, not facing that world all by ourselves.
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3) Chandler – Only guy recorded to have escaped ‘friendzone’

When the show takes off, nobody ever thought that Chandler would end up with Monica. The duo did have a wee bit of moments that felt romantic but ended up refining their friendship. We are so affected by them ending up together because most of us, at some point have wondered what it would be like to date your best friend. All the things that hold us back and all the things that make us want to go for it are so amazingly described. In fact, it turns out that best friends can make the best of couples. Or it may not work out at all. You know what I am pointing at.
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4) The one that got away

Ross had been in love with Rachel since the ninth grade and he himself believed that she was so out of his league. We have all had crushes and fantasies about people that only remained that way and we can just imagine what it would have been if it had happened. We get too see that too with Ross and Rachel, acting like one heck of a see-saw in
the entire run of the series.
The series ended 13 years ago and here we are getting excited for even rumours mentioning a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reunion. This is just another dream which probably will stay that way but hoping never costs anything.
– Vijay Dalal

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  1. Lakshay Katyal says:

    Great work and writing Vj 😊


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