A day without Social Media 

Social media is full of drama. Our modern generation is fully addicted to social media. How would you spend your day if there was no Facebook , Instagram , snapchat and Twitter? Youngsters can’t imagine a world without it. Isn’t it? 

Well yes! They will leave us pretty helpless because we all are dependent on social media even for any basic information. It would be like a nightmare. 

No Facebook? It means No likes, No comments , no shares , no memes – crash land into zerohood from the hero-dom! No Instagram? No snapchat? How will you add much needed spice to your meals if not shared on Instagram and snapchat? 

While Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter have provided us with an easy way to keep in touch with our so-called “friends” I want you to ask yourself: How many friends do you “actually” have?

How many of these Facebook “friends” do you actually care about?  Probably not that many, right? Nowadays, instead of hanging out with friends people prefer to like their statuses in order  to remind them that you still care. Well you can socialize with your friends in person instead of socializing on social media. And you will be able to build a stronger bond. 

A day without social media will teach you alot of new things. It will teach you to spend more time talking with those around you. There is more to life than “likes”. Rather you can read novels , go out for walks or gym. Try to explore the world and most importantly work on yourself. 

Sometimes disconnect with a screen and learn how to connect with yourself. I think it’s good to take a day and just learn how to connect with yourself. 

– Riya Bajaj

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