According to the Indian Society, Men are meant to work out and earn for the home, while women are meant to work inside the home, prepare meals and take care of the family A man is supposed to be mentally strong, physically healthy, emotionally independent and financially supportive to his family. While a woman is supposed to serve her family, take the least interest in the matters outside her home and provide the sexual support to her man.


“According to the society, there are some aspects of a man’s personality that make him more stronger, more manly. They are, being masculine, being able to work for better and longer hours than a woman, etc”.


In our generation, everyone is stressing over the importance of women over men. And people, who are stressing over “Woman Empowerment”, think that a woman needs equality and respect in the society.


“A women can also be emotionally strong, so why should we consider the fact that Men are more stronger than Women?”


Everyone today, be it the society or the people who are running after “Woman Empowerment”, think that a woman needs to acquire the traits of a man, if she wants to be treated with respect and wants equality in the society. And somewhere, they have given rise to the concept of Alpha Woman. She is the kind of woman who is a tough negotiator, someone who is financially strong, someone who knows her value and knows how to get things done.

After all this, don’t you think that a woman has lost her uniqueness? Don’t you think, that apart from their body structure, the basic things that used to differentiate a woman from a man, have been long lost?

“Why does a woman needs to possess the qualities of a man, if she need equality? Why does a woman needs to prove herself if she wants respect? Why cannot we give them the same equality and the same respect, just because of who they are? Why are we stressing so much about who they are supposed to be?”


-Namita Lamba

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