A Woman’s Kaleidoscope. Chapter 2

First Teenage Love; Pehla Pehla Pyaar

So for today we talk about “Love”. In the population of 1.311 billion in India your chances to meet that one person in your teenage is a little less, a lot less, very actually. But I think I found mine at the age of 17. Hey, my name is Divya Solanki and this is my kaleidoscope. My life is my roller coaster journey as a teenager. I hustle all the day, I learn new things but I love my life just the way it is. This is my story!

I took a deep breath and got just ready for the real deal, high school. Like anybody else I heard all great things about high school from seniors. The senior wing it was, a big basketball court, this ginormous field where we played other sports, bigger library and others were just some added perks of being a senior. By this time almost all my friends were dating but me of course. I was just third wheeling but I was a happy kid. Loving and cherishing it all.

My take on relationships was not really what we normally read in novels. I did not expect a prince charming or a boyfriend for starters at all.

“I always thought I was different, I always thought I was more than just somebody’s babe/baby/bae and etc. I was Divya. My friends always told me that it was the most amazing thing in life and blah blah.. But I really thought it was just hormones until it happened to me”.

I first saw him in the music room. Ask me about it? There was a rush of feelings when I saw him for the first time. His one hand was on the body of the guitar and with the other hand he was trying to tune the guitar. He had a confused look on his face, he was definitely the cutest guitarist in the room that day- that very day I knew there will be something. I did not see this coming.

We had mutual friends so I got a lot of time with him. We bonded over stealing momos from each other in the canteen, exchanging notes in the class room, singing awfully though he was the only person in 17 years to tell me that I could actually sing, teaching me how to play guitar and telling me how smart I was (I was not), was some amazing things we did. Not cheesy believe me.

He completed me, at-least that’s what we thought as a 17 year old.

I knew it was real when he kneeled down and gave me the rose, I knew it would last, I thought at-least this will last. After few months of ups and downs we realized we were not compatible enough. We decided to part our ways.

My heart throbbed with pain, I was numb, I went into this deep pit hole, I felt my life turned upside down. Not because he fancied me but because he was my first love, the first time I held somebody’s hand and walked in the rain, the first time I knew what it was like to be kissed on the forehead. It was all love.

“Love stories should not have to last for years to prove that they were real. Sometimes even the days, the coffee dates, or the person telling you that they cared is enough. You don’t move on, you just part your ways for a better life. It does not mean you hate them, it just means that you were not compatible enough but what once was there was real. It was you and him and it was true.”

Sometimes when I don’t want to act mature and just be a teenager my brains and my heart submerged asks me, “We walked away from each other like we never wanted each other. I can’t even remember how your voice sounds, the smell of you and god that really hurts”.

This is me Divya Solanki signing off. 🙂

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