7 Signs that you will grow old with your best friend!

A Friend who will stay by your side no matter what , but they are really hard to find . Sometimes a friendship ends for a reason and sometimes you just drift apart.
Out of a huge gang, you might connect to just one person at completely different level.

Here are 7 signs that you will grow old with your best friend:

1. They’re always just a phone call away :

You don’t need appointments to meet your best friend to celebrate, to share your secrets or to cry. They are always available for you. They are like your backbone they are always there when you need support.

giphy-downsized (1)

2. You don’t talk for weeks but everything remains the same:

Sometimes you may lose contact because of your busy schedule, but that will never affect your friendship. As long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends never apart.


3. They can make you smile:

A friend forever can make you smile when you don’t feel like laughing. She will be your comfort zone when you feel low or upset.
giphy-tumblr (1)

4. You stand for each other during bad times :

They are the first person you go to when you feel upset . you can share anything with them without the fear of being judged . They wont ever judge , instead they will help you out . A friend forever will want to learn about your beliefs and desires .

5. You feel good after meeting each other :

There is no better feeling than meeting your best friend . Sometimes friends fade away with time , but friendship that makes both of you happy is going to last forever . no matters how weird you have been throughout the day , you will feel good after meeting them.

6. They will keep tagging you in memes :

By tagging them in funny and emotional memes you can make them feel special.

7.Ridiculous Nicknames :

You have the most weird nicknames for each other and you literally talk in inside jokes
If someone would read your messages they would think you’re both crazy.
– Ridhi Bajaj

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