Smell of a Heartbreak

We have all gone through Heartbreaks. It is like caging up of a Beautiful Heart, which was dreaming of a million things to happen, caging up of a heart which was happy just because the person who owned it was happy. He used to be super excited even about those Monday mornings. But one meeting with the reality of life, one bad season, and it all ended abruptly. Now, the person has become more of a practical thinker, he has stopped believing in the magic of life, he has become the silent thinker who sees everything through the lens of fear and doubts. Yes, sometimes, this is what a simple Heartbreak does to a person. Not so simple huh?

Though it is unavoidable, we still wish we would never have gone through it.”I was different person before this happened.” have not we all whispered that to ourselves?


Heartbreak smells like rotten eggs. You want to dump them as soon as possible. It smells like over-sprayed perfume, something you cannot get rid of until you change your clothes. Heartbreak smells like the extra strong smell of chlorine powder you mix with your bleach. Actually, You accidently mixed more than the required amount of the chlorine powder, and now, apart from your nose, it is hurting your skin as well. It smells like the dumpster, you would have to cross, returning back home. It smells like the rotten piece of cheese, which was kept in your refrigerator but got wasted because you almost forgot if it existed. It smells like, the burning of a plastic sheet. You know something is wrong, but you cannot figure out “Why”.

It smells like everything bad, yet everything you have ever needed in your life. It is anything or everything you didn’t want to happen, but it does!

Here is a little advice. Life doesn’t stops, even if it feels like that at the moment, even after it feels like you are tired of it. Give it some time.  After all, a bad smell doesn’t leaves just like that. It teaches you to take care of yourself in a better way. A Heartbreak teaches you the importance your life, your dreams and your loved ones, even if it smells bad. They teach us some lessons that we would never bother to learn otherwise.

-Namita Lamba

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