Apps Students Must Have; Suyash Jain

The truth of our modern times is that you probably won’t find a student who does not use innovative gadgets today.  It is also true that students use different web and mobile applications not only for entertainment but for studying as well. Technology can immeasurably enhance and simplify your life, if utilized wisely. There is a huge selection of websites and application for the students to choose from, some helpful, other merely distracting. Here are few applications and websites that will help you (students) to stay organized and studious if you incorporate them into your student lifestyle.

Google Docs

Google Docs are a tool that every student should be familiar with — these easily shareable document are invaluable at every step of learning process from peer-editing to study guides and reviewing. The Google make this Google docs service available on-the-go so that you can edit, view and share documents even when you don’t have your computer with you. Make sure you will use this in the next session if haven’t tried yet.
Google Docs: Website | Android App | iOS App


This popular to-do list application helps you to manage your time effectively. Any.DO allows you to make and review a checklist of daily tasks and will then send you reminders when those tasks need to be accomplished. While there are list-making apps, Any.DO is simple, streamlined and effective, helping you to accomplish all your tasks on time.
Any.DO: Website Android App | iOS App


Most teachers’ #1 piece of advice is to not use Wikipedia – and while you shouldn’t use it as a primary source in your research paper, there is actually a right and helpful way to utilize the site. Don’t take the information in the main centers for granted, but go directly to the “References” section at the bottom. That you can see where the people who wrote the article originally got their information.
Wikipedia: Website Android App | iOS App

Drop box

No student will be afraid of losing his notes or coursework anymore! Thanks to Drop box, you have a chance to upload there different files (document, photos, and videos) in the cloud and get them online whenever you need, even if you forget your phone at home. The only thing needed to access your files is an Internet Connection.
Dropbox: Website | Android App | iOS App


Welcome to the world’s biggest library online! Scribd helps students find millions of different documents and books that are important for your studies. All those data are shared by people from all over the world, and you can easily curate and organize them according to their topic. Create your own library with different notes, texts, and books that you need. Share them with your friends, and find all the information with Scribd.
Scribd: Website Android App | iOS App

This is the perfect application for words enthusiasts and everyone who has to read many books on different topics, where you might come across some tricky words. makes it easy to find the definition of every word you are not sure about. Website | Android App | iOS App


All the famous and most fascinating people are with you now! High-quality videos of different conferences from all over the world are waiting for you in TED – an application that has all business experts, educators, computer geniuses, music legends, and many other interesting people in it. Get ready for something new and exciting!
TED: Website | Android App | iOS App

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Have you left calculator at home? How can you solve all those tricky equations and cube roots now? RealCalc Scientific Calculator is the answer. This app is perfect for students who need all the functionality of a scientific calculator. This student app is ideal for mathematical or scientific problems.
RealCalc Scientific Calculator: Android App

WhatsApp Messenger

If you study far away from home, Whatsapp will be your best helper to connect with you family and friends. Free chat, talk and calls let you stay in touch with close people, share all news, photos and videos with them, and feel their presence even when they are not in the same city with you.
WhatsApp: Website | Android App | iOS App


Being a student not only puts pressure on you to perform well educationally, it also makes it difficult to manage your eating habits in a healthy way. Working hard preparing for upcoming exams is NOT an excuse to eat whatever food you want. The “My Fitness Pal” app helps you easily keep track of the calories you are consuming with their nutritional database. You can even add in any exercise you have done to understand your calorie intake and output.
MyFitnessPal: Website | Android App | iOS App


Being a student, its very important to be in touch with all the latest thing happening around the world. A student life is already much hectic and nowadays no one read newspaper to get news. InShorts is the best application to get updated with all the things happening around. It is consisting of news and other updates that are each 60 words or less. Update yourself with the latest news only in 60 words.

InShorts: Website | Android App | iOS App


Don’t be the only person in class who isn’t up-to-date with world events. Use Twitter to keep yourself in the loop in both the academic and social aspects of your life. In today’s contemporary classrooms, you may even be asked to participate in class discussion via Twitter.
Twitter: Website Android App | iOS App


It is considered the social network for professionals, which means that students whether they are in the job market yet or not should be using it to build their professional network. It helps you meet people in your field, connect professionally with fellow alumni, and create a personal brand.
LinkedIn: Website | Android App | iOS App

Khan Academy

More than 4,200 educational videos on Khan Academy let you learn about anything you want, from math and computing to music and the college admission process. You can even prep for the SAT.
Khan Academy: Website | Android App | iOS App

My Study Life

The free My Study Life app replaces any paper planner by keeping track of your workload across multiple platforms and devices. Manage your classes with week and day timetables, keep track of tasks and exams in the cloud and receive notifications to keep you up to date for exams and classes. A clean interface and the ability to color code your classes make the calendar easy to read.
My Study Life: Website | Android App | iOS App

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