A Driver’s licence and Car keys – Every teenagers DREAM and their parents worst NIGHTMARE; Ridhi Bajaj

Nowadays newspapers main headlines are covered by ” A teenager lost his life due to car accident, one of the reasons being over speeding”. We all know that number of teenage drivers are increasing but not much is done to keep a check on them. Why these accidents take place on daily basis ? It’s all because of reckless and rash driving by the youngsters without a valid driving licence, dangerous over taking driving without seatbelts , without helmets and cutting lanes. They ignore the important driving tips.


Most importantly some teenagers use mobile phones while driving! How can one be so irresponsible? Teenagers think that they are free to do anything. But in reality they are not. Research state that it’s four times more likely for a teenager between the age of 16 to 19 years to die in a road accident than the drivers between the age of 25 to 61 years.
To avoid such accidents , driving tips must be given to each and every teenager. This makes their parents more comfortable and stress-free as they know that their child is taking care of all road safety measures.



I wished to draw the attention of the concerned authorities and the parents to control their wards from rash driving. Obtaining a driver’s licence is one of the most cherished moments in a teenager’s life. But what we see these days is that some parents allow their children to drive without driving licences.


Rash driving can be controlled only by proper guidance of parents and strict rules by administration, as teenagers are the most unsafe drivers on the road, a threat to themselves and  to others..







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