An open letter to my brother.

Dear Brother,

Your little sister is all grown up. I’m 20 years old and almost Independent. Don’t worry when i travel alone, don’t take down numbers of my friends. I’ll be safe, trust me. I still remember the days when you used to fight for me with that bully in my class, now can you fight with this world for me? I’m a girl, no matter how financially Independent i am, i’ll always, always need you to fight for me. Will you fight with the aunties of our society when they judge me for my crop top, my dark royal blue lipstick, for the tattoo on my wrist or for the fact that i like to party?


This world has never been easy for a woman. Neither for your mother nor for your sister. When we walk on the streets, it’s not just us, there are 100 eyes following us. Judging us from top to the bottom! The colour of my skin to the dress i’m wearing, everything is being observed. Every year on RakshaBandhan when i tie a Rakhi on your wrist please don’t think that i expect you to do my “Raksha”. You have prepared me for that, bhai. But instead can you not ask me to not change into my pj’s from my shorts because your friend is staring my ass?
Can you not expect me to change because “ache ghar ki ladkiya aisa nahi karti”? Can you not, bhai?

With Love,
Your little sister

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