FOOD IS LOVE. FOOD IS LIFE. And if  if you’re one hell of  a person passionate for food this blog is just meant for you. Instagram, our daily dose of entertainment ranging from fashion to food; and when it comes to food blogging, Instagram is one stop shop for all your inspo.

Food bloggers having thousands and thousands  of likes and followers, just by posting pictures of delicious, pretty-looking food. The results are fun, colorful profiles
that are guaranteed to make your stomach rumble. Follow away, foodies! We’ve handpicked top 8 India based food blogs/bloggers on Insta which will make you hungry for sure. So here we go. 

1. Shivesh

What’s the catch: His creations will leave you really hungry. The first time we came across his account, we were in love with each and every lip smacking desert. A self-taught baker who works wonders in the kitchen; simply creating, styling and capturing the most beautiful desserts. Hit the follow button now!


2. Food maniac

What’s the catch: Right from breakfast inspiration to quick and easy ideas for snacking at the best places all around, Foodmaniac gets it all covered. Hit the follow button if you haven’t. Cause, you’ll thank us later.


3. Miss foodie diaries

What’s the catch: The way she romanticizes with food, and turns it to a really spicy affair is just amazing. You’d fall in love with food all over again. Going through the page’s pictures is like making your heart and mind go lala. All you want at that moment is some really lip smacking food.


4. Saffron trail

What’s the catch: If you’re all interested in fresh food and healthy eats, this account is the one for you. A nutrition expert aka food blogger who recreates her thing for food in a healthy and refreshing way. The name says it all.


5. Whisk Affair

What’s the catch: This Bangalore-based food and lifestyle blogger’s Instagram account is soothing, refreshing and full of good food vibes. Ride on with her and get to see places, authentic food, and add ons to your checklist.


6. A Girl With a Fork

What’s the catch: My personal favorite. We just want a bite of every food item she tries on and reviews. Especially in Delhi, the capital of the country, Actually, the “food capital”. There’s so much to explore and if you’re fond of doing so; her page will drool you and leave you with a question, Which one first?


7. Sugar and spice by Radhika

What’s the catch: From mushroom tarts to Nutella brownies and gooey brownies. Radhika Malhotra will bake her way right into your heart. Get ready for a quality treat to your eyes. Go find her now, if you haven’t come across this sweet treat yet.


8. Food Delhi

What’s the catch: Travel with this food snapper and you’ll be having serious hunger bite. Covers all the must try places and will compel you to try your hand on to it for sure. From traditional Desi Khana to your favourite cafés, he has covered it all. Ugh! going through the pictures make me wanna yumm. You won’t be disappointed, we promise!


Wasn’t the experience of going through these Instagram handles absolutely mouthwatering and lick-a-licious? So? What’s the wait, go grab your cravings, and give your tummy a treat today.




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