Jogging in the city; Namrata Malik

Amidst the concrete cities, spotting the early birds and greenery, sublime the life and this beauteous view allures the people to sneak out some time for “jogging”. Jogging is the best method to reinvigorate oneself every day. Early morning jogging does not only help to rejuvenate physical health but also to find and maintain the mental piece. In city life, we, all are tucked in its cobweb and deals with a sheer pressure that skew one’s mental and physical balance.

For few people jogging serves as the best stress buster and for few it is the superlative way to daily interact with nature in peace. I am a jogger, and I love to go for jogging early morning as it gives my day a healthy and fresh start. Jogging is basically the activity of running at a steady, gentle pace as a form of physical exercise, though many joggers do the brisk walking. Joggers are found to be more physically and mentally healthy than non-joggers.


If you are a jogger than especially the veterans, athletes and fitness lovers around your jogging spot would be your friends. Irrespective of the fact that you love pets or not, you would be aware of every pet in the colony and only you have seen those early morning routine workers like car washers and newspaper vendors and you also get to see the nature’s most captivating view i.e sunrise. Jogging helps to maintain a proper digestive system and it automatically improves your sleep cycle and hormonal balance by sucking out the stress out of your life.

But, there are few things that city joggers do not know about jogging. Jogging is best if it is done either at the dusk and dawn time as these are the best times to closely interact with the beauty of nature and also the most appropriate time according to sleep cycle, meal cycle and of course the lifestyle. While jogging, one must try to run on earthen tracks rather than concrete surfaces or hard surfaces as in a long time, hard surface running affects your knee, calf muscles and sin muscles. Water is also an important factor that boosts the effect of jogging, drink enough water to maintain its right balance in the body. One could also try carbo-loading before jogging, for which you could eat some carbs half an hour before jogging and banana are the best sources for it. And the most important thing for jogging is the right jogging shoes, light and comfortable jogging shoes matters a lot for jogging.


So, now you could make a new to do things list and set daily jogging as one of the goals of the day. If one do not get time early morning then could go for an evening jog, but be regular as jogging is the easiest way to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Take out your dusty shoes and let’s make them dirtier, let’s jog.

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