5 Things you should do in your college life; Ridhi Bajaj

College life is a important part of every individual’s life. It’s a bigger platform where we will gain a lots of new experiences. It’s a broader platform where we create a bigger foundation of our life , and most importantly it’s the best platform to find and create ourselves. To make college life , the most memorable life every students must do these 5 things.

1. Make lots of friends

Friendships made in college is an important part of one’s personal life. And these friendships will last longer. But take some time to make new friends because you cannot trust the people so easily. Friends play an important role in ones life. Someone rightly said, “walking with the friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.”
Good friends can be one’s motivators, guides, and they will be always there for their friend, in their good and bad times. It could go the other way too. Bad friends can totally ruin the person. That is why they say, we must choose our friends carefully.



2. Explore new places

Once you get settled with everything in college try to explore new places which will add something new to your knowledge. Exploring a new place with them gives a new definition to fun. You will get to know the world outside the college life. So enjoy each and every moment with your friends.


3. Do internships

Internships are very important during the college life . Internship will help to get an idea of work life after the college life. It not only provides you work exposure but also grooms you in the field of professionalism. Finally, your internship experience goes on your resume as professional experience.


4. Attend Fests

College fests are a greater platform to showcase your talent. Never miss an opportunity to take part in college fests. You never know you might turn into a star. The best part is if you get to attend them with your friends. What’s better than to have the bunch of your closest friends to add crazy to an already eventful day? Take as many as you want along and break a leg!


5.Bunk classes

Sometimes it’s good to bunk some classes. But everyday bunking is not good. As we all know excess of everything is bad. College is a place where one is assumed to be mature.
It’s a bound free life. No one would care if you miss the lectures. So it’s better to balance FUN and SINCERITY. One should not happen at the cost of other.


The years you spend in your college life will remain unforgettable.

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