Bloggers starter pack; Messyduo

Wanting to start a blog? Or maybe not but still we are sure knowing how one works does interest us all. We have been there and done that, by no means we want to say we are successful or good bloggers. We definitely are two messy and stupid girls striving hard to make our way to the top because we believe that is where we belong. We are here to share with you some tips (at least intend to).

1.Identify your key area

Everyone cannot be good at fashion or lifestyle,blog can be about anything be it food be it travelling etc. The very first thing is to know your interests what is actually that you are good at!


2. Be Organised

Coming from the us, the messiest people trust us this is the key to a successful blog. Having your ideas and random thoughts organised in a diary or somewhere on your phone or desktop is mandatory.


3. Stay updated

Bloggers are supposed to update their audience with the trends or whatever cool things going on around the globe and for obvious reasons to keep them updated it’s mandatory for you to be updated.


4. Keep content ready

VERY IMPORTANT!! No creative, unique idea is going to pop in the last minute. Believe us, the worst feeling is when you don’t have content ready on time and have no option but to do it in the last minute. It’s a bad feeling, so it’s better to keep content ready before hand and if possible back up content should be there too.


5. Stay consistent

It’s difficult at times but this is how it works, posting on regular intervals not only helps you get more audience but also makes them trust you and connect with you and your content.


6.Not easy

Blogging is not as easy as it looks, it takes a lot of hardwork and lot of efforts and is very time consuming, you need to sit in front of your laptop for hours and work nonstop to become successful and reach at a certain point!


7. Stay active on social media

The whole idea of a blog is to be known, liked and recognized on the internet and the purpose can only be solved if you are visible on all the social medias. Don’t forget, just posting is not the key but posting relevant things is important as well.

Going Social Concept - Networks Idea with Lightbulb

8.It’s not about money

If the main motive for you to blog is to earn money then don’t even think of starting a blog, it’s not a good idea as you cannot just start your blog and earn a lot of money, it takes a lot of time and of course efforts to reach at that point where you get paid for your work!


9. Be yourself

This is something one should never forget, not only while blogging. It’s all fun and good until we are ourselves and connect with people genuinely interested. Changing in accordance with trends is absolutely fine but pretending to be someone you are not won’t take you far.


The sole purpose of this blog is to help all the lovelies in whatever little way we can by giving some tips which might not be really great but this is our take on blogging.

One last thing is to always be confident and do whatever makes you happy and giving a shot will never cause any harm.

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