Acid attacks on women : a lifetime pain; Ridhi Bajaj


Acid attack is not something unheard of in India. Acid attack is possibly the worst infliction on another human leading to complete debilitation, loss of income and it can happen to anyone anytime. Last story of Sonali Mukherjee’s story attacked while sleeping in her own house for standing up to harassment.


Acid attacks in India have ravaged the lives of thousands of young women whose only fault was that they repudiated marriage proposals, rejected sexual advances from men they didn’t fancy, or were caught in the crossfire of domestic disputes.

Throwing of acid not only burns down a women’s face, but also her life is turned into ashes. Our country is becoming an epitome of crime, and the sad thing is that women are turning out to be the worst hit. Crime against women in our nation is on the rise.


Why acid is easily available at shops? The government has to wake up to the silent cries of torture of the women in our country. Strict laws have to be formulated, not only for the safety of women within the country, but also for those who have come from other countries..

If a girl is victim of acid attack that doesn’t mean she will sit at home hiding her face. She has the full right to complete her education.


Here is an inspirational story of an acid attack survivor, Reshma Qureshi.
Reshma Qureshi was 17 when an acid attack was made on her by three men. She was in Allahabad to write an exam, hoping to finish her education and get a job, but her life changed that day. Her face was severely burnt and disfigured, and one of her eyes was damaged permanently. However, life again took a turn and she met Ria Sharma the founder of an NGO named ‘Make love not scars’.  The NGO helped her regain her self confidence and she got an golden opportunity to move out of depression. Ria helped her in every possible manner and built a strong bond with her. Recently, in a display of her quiet defiance as a survivor, Reshma walked the ramp at the prestigious ‘New York Fashion Week’. She wanted to set an example for acid attack survivors. She stands as a brilliant example of courage and woman empowerment.


“This walk was important to me because there are so many girls like me who are survivors of acid attacks, and this will give them courage,” Qureshi said in an interview, speaking through a translator.


People, Never judge a book by its cover.

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