Big bang spot has been featuring and interviewing people for a while now. We believe that talented people like them should be celebrated for their achievements in their respective feilds. Sanchi Saluja, Founder; Shopping tweets is one such person. 

The very moment we as the part of the Indian Society underestimates a woman and tell her how she’s only responsible to look after the house, that very moment we “Bharitiya Nari” prove that we are worth every thing god created and we can get them by ourselves. 

“It has been a journey full of admirers , critics and competitors.” – Sanchi Saluja 

That’s really amazing to know how you have managed to succeed in the line of quirky fashion jewellery independently. Who has been that one person to support you in your journey?

My inspiration to start this business ? Umm, I always had a bent towards colors , vibrancy and attractiveness. And I always had an eye for cute little things , be it handbags , kohlapuris or jewelry . Moreover, being a Shopaholic working or running an E – Commerce was always a dream ( I even worked at Amazon ) . So yes , my choices and interests brought me here.

You are one of those young entrepreneur in the field of online jewellery store, so what inspired you to start your own business ?

Firstly , Thanks for appreciating SPT. It has been a journey full of admirers , critics and competitors. And, there has been a constant support with me throughout , without whom Shop-Ping-Tweets wouldn’t have been in existence.MY MOM ! She’s my inspiration and my life. She has supported me from designing to exhibiting, Each and every single step without her was impossible. I am a short tempered and a reactive personality, it’s only because of her support I’ve learnt to take criticism positively , because without it, it’s difficult to grow.

How do you manage to do this all alone ? We need some inspiration and motivation from you.

“Do what you love and Love what you do! ” , this single quote is enough to inspire and motivate others.I am a Bio-technologist by education and an entrepreneur by CHOICE. I always loved to buy new things and unique stuff for all my friends and family and I was always good at art and craft , so i decided to take this forward and here I am giving this interview. So Never in your life regret any decision , it’s NEVER too late , follow your heart and please do what you love. “IF LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS, MAKE A LEMONADE” .

Every girl loves jewellery, clearly. But why not makeup or clothing?

First, I don’t like putting up a lot of make up and trust me, I don’t even know how to use a concealer and I don’t even own one , so that is the reason why I did not wanted to do something for which even do not have slightest of the knowledge. Second, Clothing business has its pros and cons , I wanted to save myself from Return Orders due to size variations. Furthermore, Clothing requires a lot of investment and clearly, I did not wanted to invest a lot at initial stage.

 Our readers and members of team BBS are keen to know about your upcoming projects so can you please tell our readers a little more about it? Not to give out the secrets. Haha!

Upcoming projects , I have a few in mind, and don’t mind sharing it. Since the festive season is around , would be launching festive collection of Clutches , bangles and gota jewelry ( PROBABLY :p ). I have a few more things in mind but I cannot commit since handling everything single-handedly is quiet a task. DO NOT WORRY , there’s a lot in store , from quirky Jewelry to Vibrant Banjara clutches and Bags. I love spontaneity in life and I do not plan anything , I just grab every single opportunity that comes my way. My target is to work until my idols become my rivals , till the time I become an inspiration for someone. That’s the target.

You’re so inspiring. We love your work! Can you please give out some more tips to our readers?

Yes , I have a few tips for young entrepreneurs or those who are aspiring to become one; always in your life and in your business , maintain transparency and honesty. There are brands and businesses that claim to offer FREE Shipping , clients come asking me why are you charging for shipping, I have to tell them the whole case scenario , businesses include cost of shipping in the selling price of the product , so if a person is buying 5 products he’s paying shipping charges 5 times the amount of actual shipping charges, this way customers are looted and be-fooled easily. So No Matter what you do in life , Maintain TRANSPARENCY AND HONESTY , that will take you ahead.

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