1. Once a nerd always a nerd


You realize that there are people in this world (that you also came across in your school) who would be complete geniuses but at the same time complete pathetic morons. Sheldon Cooper makes us believe that it is possible to not understand sarcasm and sex jokes but possess the IQ to create a new atom.

2. Recycled stereotypes


If you haven’t watched the series yet and are planning to, you will experience a feeling of pity for nerds in the beginning as the show is strongly based on a theme consisting of 4 nerds, perfectly describing the qualities and life of a not-so- popular- but – the – bullied in high school such as being socially awkward, having the dressing sense of the 80’s, bad to converse with the opposite sex and physically weak to just name and notice a few. Now there is not a need to get bored already just reading about it because the show has perfect comic timing and jokes that aren’t offensive to the nerds but ridiculously hilarious.

3. Catchy catchphrases


If you’re travelling the metro and see people wearing t-shirts with atoms or ‘that’s my spot’ and ‘Bazinga’ printed on it, you know where it came from even though you’ve never watched a single episode.

4. Learn A LOT just by watching it


Now there has been a reason I wrote ‘A LOT’ like this because the show literally teaches us a lot of things about science that we had no clue about and no matter how many science classes you’ve attended in your life, you have to admit you always came out brighter after every episode. If my parents ever question me about why I waste my time watching a lot of sitcoms, trust me the show is a part of my plan of how to prove them wrong.

5. If you don’t like the show, accept that you’re just stupid


I know a hell lot of people who do not like this show and you all can go ahead and take all the offence in the world but just accept that you cannot handle new information regarding science, comic books, black matter, vintage videogames, mild racist jokes on Jews and Indians, or the incredible presentation of Jim parsons as a man having Mysophobia (fear of germs and obsessive compulsive disorder) .  Now if you’re thinking ‘Well, we don’t like the show simply because it’s stupid, or worse, boring’ why don’t you just call yourselves Penny?

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