These points do not apply to every boyfriend there is. These are just some cliché points pointed out. I’m sure some girls/guys would pop up not relating to the article because apparently you guys are perfect. And some guys are perfect. Though it’s been 1254 years I’ve never met a guy like that, but whatever! Oops, seems a like a little disclaimer.

1.Liking other girls pictures


There has been a point in every relationship where the girl has caught his guy liking other girls pictures on social media and that is not even the worse part. The worst part is when the guy starts giving lame excuses for doing so like ‘she’s a long lost cousin’ or ‘I know her from pre-school’ or ‘she liked my pictures first! I was just being nice and returning the favour, babe’. Well, the conclusion is, no matter what random girl’s picture you guys like, your girl WILL get annoyed because girls want their guys to have eyes just for them.

2. Boyfriends can be really controlling sometimes- 


Now this fact hasn’t been proved yet whether guys like to control their girls just to feel their manhood more keenly or they just gotta. Your boyfriend is always going to point out that you’re going over/under the speed limit while driving or that you’re probably PMS’d when you’re trying to point out the details (because girls are the best CBI agents there ever can be when needed) during an argument where he just can’t win. Then he’s going to go all gansta and point out that you’re probably just overreacting and the topic never gets cleared up. Like it’s been 36 years and I’m still waiting on my answer to why you liked that girl’s picture in a bikini but he thinks he does’nt need to answer that because he’s the boss in the relationship.

3. Hanging out with the boys


You’ve been waiting for him to pick you up on his birthday when he already made plans with you to go out someplace nice but he’s late and why? Because he was hanging out with his boys. You’re waiting for him at a concert to enter together but he’s late and why? Because he was hanging out with the boys. You got shot and need to get rushed to the hospital but your guy gets late and why? Because he was probably hanging out with his boys. But when you try to point it out he doesn’t want his boys to think you’re a nagging girlfriend.

4. Slow texters


And yes, this includes all those times when he actually texted you first. You’re trying to take a nap but your guy texts you and you wake up to text him back and then he texts you back and then you text him after that and suddenly he goes offline and you’re probably thinking he has left the country. Meanwhile, you receive a text 4 hours 32 minutes 20 seconds and 4 mili seconds later that he was either tired and fell asleep or went out for some work that his dad asked him to get done immediately (translating he was out with his boys, obv).

5. His choice of music when he’s driving


 Most of the times your boyfriend wouldn’t let you drive and when he drives himself he wants his loud B music or Metallica playing for him. His top picks would probably be anti-female black music (such racism much wow) or Yo Yo Honey Singh with asses dropping and bottles popping everywhere.

6. They can never EVER pick a place to eat


So you’re probably not in the mood to eat and want him to choose a place for lunch. This includes all those times when he was the one who made plans that you guys should go out for lunch and thank god he had no plans because why would he. Now you’re bottomed up to two places and ask him where he feels like eating and he’s never going to pick but hit you with a ‘Yeah, whatever you want’. ALWAYS.

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