This week team BBS thought of introducing our readers with some really outrageous fashion trends which we failed to understand. Here’s a list of the most WEIRD fashion dress ups. 

1. What’s this? An egg crate maybe? I guess the designer was really inspired and thus this was an outcome. Ha-ha!


2. Back with some future. These outfits look like something straight out of a bad futuristic sci-fi movie. No clue how she’s walking up straight with that edgy mask, and if you thought normal high heels make it hard to walk, these have got to mess up your sense of balance.


3. Come on! Is this really from a fashion show or a crazy costume contest? Everyone wants to stand out on the dance floor, but aren’t these just too flashy? All of my life’s golden glitter glue is spilled over these.  


4. WOW! looks like one flew over the Cuckoo’s nest when designing this crazy get up. And where did the birds flew from the nest over her head?


5. So, the goal is to look GIRLY? Okay. Well, congrats! You’ve reached up to an extreme level. Maybe all the world’s Pinks are somewhere hidden in their dresses, and oh! How can I not notice, Candies too. Hats off, we can never get this girly.


6. He really took the autumn theme seriously and ran away with it. I wonder where did all the butterflies go? Oops! They’re all stuck in his outfit. Rescue!


7. It would be absolutely unfair if we do not mention Lady Gaga to this list. How can we just not talk about her outrageous looks? She always wins the game.  WEIRD.WEIRD.WIG. AND SHE PEEPS THROUGH IT! Well, Gaga is just being gaga.


And the list ends here. Fashion is always changing but sometimes you have to wonder if everything’s already been done. But somehow fashion designers never stop amazing us with the outrageous and crazy clothing they design. We tracked down some of the most outrageous outfits. Hope you had a little giggle!

-Vrinda Baweja


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