Greeting BBS Fam,

Growing up our parents wanted us to be either an engineer, a doctor or choose a profession that could make us money! Here at BBS we talk about young inspiring people who decided to break all the bars and do something unique and out of the box. From Vaishvi Lakhina to Rohit Raj they all are successful and have done something that 90 percent of the population decided not to do.

We today at big bang spot have one more example like that. She is doing Fashion Journalism (again a unique career option), she lives in Germany. Sounds normal to you readers, right? But also she’s an Instagram star. Her musical ly’s and Dubsmash are posted by almost all the official dubsmash and musical ly pages.

We don’t want you guys to keep guessing. Today we have with us Silky by the name of @sedoso on Instagram. Let’s read more about Silky today on big bang spot!

BBS: How do you create musical ly? Why are you interested in this app?

Silky: I usually choose a song that I like to listen to and then just start filming the on my phone. I really enjoy using this app because it has a unique way of presenting the result video.

This video doesn’t exist

BBS: Now we clearly know that you’re obsessed with the app. Can you please tell our readers more about this app and how to kick start their Dubsmash or musical ly videos?

Silky: Well, Dubsmash and are two different apps. Dubsmash is basically
only meant for dubbing dialogues or songs. on the other hand is also made for dubbing but it is a bit more focused on songs and has more settings than Dubsmash. The only tip I can give everyone who wants to make a good video on these apps is to always be synchronal.

BBS: Who is inspired you to start using such apps? How and why you
wanted to be a you tuber or a musical ly video creator?

Silky: I actually came across Dubsmash first on Instagram. There wasn’t one specific person that inspired me as the whole web was spammed with those videos. So I decided to create one as well. When I found out that there is the
possibility to dub on Hindi movie dialogues, I was obsessed with it and
decided to post my first Dub on Instagram. I started with Youtube because I have always loved watching other girls putting on and talking about makeup. I am a total sucker for proper girly stuff like make-up and glam. I wanted
to put up videos too so I did.

BBS:Where did you find this application/ how did you discover this application?

Silky: I found out about Dubsmash and on Instagram.

BBS: Team BBS and your Instagram fans know that you’re also pursuing
fashion journalism. So how did you suddenly developed an interest in such applications?

Silky: It’s not a sudden interest really. I have always been a huge Bollywood fan. I love everything about it. Studying fashion journalism also fits in the field of
media. It really does complement each other.

BBSWhat are your career plans?

Silky: I would really love to write for magazines one day. I could also imagine myself working in the TV industry.

BBS: Where do you see yourself in this field in coming 5 years ?

Silky: Hopefully happy and successful in my profession and hobby.But I really am open for new challenges as well. Let’s see what happens J

BBS:  Can you tell our readers about your plans for this year?

Silky: I don’t really have big plans apart from focusing on my studies haha. I definitely want to keep posting unique and different videos and keep my Insta family entertained.

BBS: Before ending this chat with you, do you want to tell something to your fan base? Anything that might inspire them.

Silky:I just want to let them know that they are the sweetest community ever. I receive so many nice and cute messages that I really feel blessed and thankful every single day. Just stay the way you are guys!

Ah! That was so cool. Silky clearly loves her Instagram Family. She’s not just very talented and Independent but also a very pretty woman. You go girl!

All the best!



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