Workout For a perfect body is a life reverie. These days being healthy is not enough rather appearing fit and fine in looks is the generation predilection. The gusto in working out has given a new life and definition to the gyms and related world. More than workout, trend is about the lavishing gyms, fancy sporty outfits and social media posts. 

It has impeccable for everyone to work out and post pictures on social websites. Now, workout has become an art to impress.

Fitness and gym sounds like synonyms but they are not, as former is the aim and later is the path to achieve the former. But, these days social media has created the fad of workout and it is now thrusting up the new norms for of being an impressive personality by just appearance of being in a fit physical state. Specially, for men, ideal and impressive  personality is being concluded to the six pack, eight pack, size of biceps and triceps. 

Youngster, in lieu of making a social status of having fitness through workout has completely aloof the grund norm of health. We all know that workout is only effective, if a good, balanced and a proper diet and life style is maintained. But these days, with pizza and sedentary lifestyle, one could not achieve such fitness and thus takes the aid of supplements, vitamins and gainers. Nobody wants to follow ideal diet and moreover to take the slow and steady path to achieve fitness and thus in haste they take the aid of artificial supplements. So, if you are also mistaking healthy life as fitness through workout, then take a deep breath in and think !  Instead of posting your new abs picture and videos of workout on social media and that too late at night, showing your inconsistent sleep cycle, just try to achieve health. And Health is a state of mental and physical well-being, without any disease. But, many of us just think of health as a physical state and go for gym. So, choose healthy lifestyle, diet and sleep over lifting weights with gainers.

Let us not do workout to impress. As size of biceps and number of abs could not guarantee good health but, good health could always guarantee happiness and cheerful life. So, choose health and don not just follow the masses blindly. Start right away, do not let your conscious about health gets buried under the fashion of lifting weights and instead go natural and go healthy. Before you order your next pizza or burger, remember-  health is wealth.





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