Coco company is a cute little outlet in south city 2, Gurugram where you can find some really delicious sweet and savoury items to indulge into. The place is small but their service is very fast and so the people usually come in sit and eat and leave quite quickly. Amazing, right? It can accommodate 3-4 people but has a lot of space outside also and during a pleasant evening, they definitely deserve a visit. Their desserts are quite good looking and they even taste great.The best part about this place is their open kitchen. I have a thing for open kitchen and this one too made me really happy. You can smell the food that you’ve ordered and already drool over it, then you can see how they are cooking it and I observed how nicely they’ve maintained hygiene there and then you can see the food getting ready for you to eat. A wonderful experience indeed.

Penne Arrabiatta was delectable. Perfectly balanced flavours with loads of chicken chunks and some delish vegetables. A great dish and was Cooked so quickly using all the fresh ingredients. Highly recommended.

Chilli chicken pizza Was very yummy, fresh and full of chicken and veggies and I genuinely enjoyed eating it. The way they had provided so many toppings and that too so generously showed the brilliance in their cooking. And it was thin crust which was superbly baked. Loved it totally.

For desserts I had Tiramisu which honestly was heavenly and droolworthy. They completely nailed this dessert proving their professionalism as a bakery. Highly recommended.

I also had their butter scotch pastery which was too yummy. Loved it.

For drinks, I had one cold coffee  and one Oreo Shake which were both to the point and really tasty. Their coffee was actually one of the best I’ve had since a very long time.

All in all my experience here was brilliant. I definitely think one should visit this place is you are having a sweet tooth or want to eat quickly and leave. Keep up the good work! So on a scale of 5 Coco company gets a 4.5/5. 

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