All the females out there, any travel plans? here’s the guys you can swear upon and go with fearlessly. In an exclusive interview with Rohit Khattar, founder of Jugni; he tells us all we need to know before making any future trips. How the idea of an women only travelling trips took place and how everything came into motion. BBS and Jugni, up close with Rohit. 

“The hesitance to moving out of the comfort zone is within all of us. However, at every stride we take in our lives, we do so. Remember how you gave first time gave your board exams, how you joined college leaving your school besties, how life changed from fun filled college to 12 hour corporate job and so on. First dive into the water is never smooth but the first feeling of overcoming the fear of gushing through the water makes you jump and jump again. Travelling does the same to you. Once you take the first step, you’d love to climb the staircase.” This is what they say about their amazing trips. They create experience rather than just trip.

BBS: What is Jugni all about and what inspired you to start it? Kindly tell our readers about it.

Rohit: Jugni is all about making memorable trips, exclusively for females irrespective of their age groups. We create adventurous trips which are 100 percent safe for women. We are more focused on creating a memorable experience rather than just trips. I myself am an outdoor leader for trips and that’s where the idea came from.

BBS: Not that people don’t know about you, but it’s something really unique but how do you manage to organise all such trips?

Rohit: We’ve been planning trips for six years now and it’s my passion to travel so I and my partner; we both travel with the group and enjoy it. We’re following our passion and are loving it.


BBS: The work which you guys are doing is very adventurous and since it’s only for women so how you guys are able to win their hearts as safety is the primmest for everybody?

Rohit: I’m an outdoor leader and am trained in all sorts of safety. Also I’m well aware that the world today isn’t safe for women, so I myself make sure about the safety of all the women in the group.

BBS: Why is it only for women?

Rohit: The basic concept behind starting Jugni is to make women travel. In today’s society, every women wants to travel and explore but considering the busy schedules, partner dependency, social stigma and other reasons, only a handful are able to convert their thoughts into action. We, at Jugni, believe that if there is a thought of travel in you, we’ll plan and execute it for you. And if there isn’t a thought, then you should know why you’d be travelling:

BBS: Personally team BBS loved your work and we really appreciate it, would you like to tell us about your upcoming trips?

Rohit: We’ve got some really exciting trips in the upcoming month. We’re going to 4 different countries, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria & Czech Republic, and making a trail. Then we’re going to Jordan and Russia. It’s going to be really exciting and we’re looking forward to it.

BBS: As you guys mentioned about your passion towards travelling, so is it not hectic for you at all?

Rohit: You’ve got 10 different women around you for every trip, who on earth would feel Hectic? *laughs*

BBS: Who is your constant support?

Rohit: My Jugniz! Because of them I don’t have to spend on marketing. They join for the trip and they do the marketing for us. Women can’t stop talking about it so we make sure their travel is experience is converted into awesomeness.

BBS: Being such talented personalities, you came up with something totally rare so what does your family think about it?

Rohit: *laughs* Well, I’ve taken my sisters for trips and my relatives too and who doesn’t like free trips? Hahaha. They all support me.

BBS: Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years in this world?

Rohit: We want to be more known and established in the market and we would like to cover the world. Hopefully!!

BBS: Being the creative minds, are you guys planning to come up with some more ideas for youth as well?

Rohit: It isn’t a creative idea, it’s been in the market before too. Jugni is for youth only. But yes in the near future hopefully we’ll start something for men too.

BBS: At last would you like to suggest something to our readers?

Rohit: Read our articles and experiences. It’s not only for women readers but all. We create experience and not mere trips as I said above. If your friends aren’t accompanying you, we will. Join Solo & Go back with friends for Life..


-Shivani Alka








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