Big bang spot is very lucky for the fact that we get to feature or interview amazing entrepreneurs on our magazine. Our team got the opportunity to interview the founder and CEO of the Crunch app. Crunch app is for the young budding talents to showcase their amazing skills. He don’t really need an introduction. He’s an amazing being with hundreds of ideas in his mind and great goals to be achieved. Crunch’s marketing partners-BOOST U- took it to a new level by doing their job, they have given Crunch tremendous platforms to showcase their app and have them known in the market.

BBS: What inspired you to start your own app? And what is Crunch app all about? Kindly tell our readers about it.

Rahul: Nothing actually inspired me to start the app. I wanted to be an entrepreneur so the curiosity and lust made me start it. Crunch is actually a market place for all the hobbies. if you’re a painter, artist or photographer you can go to the app and post your content on it.Now the question that usually arises is that, how is it different from Instagram? The main difference is it’s very disciplined. It narrows down to your needs. It only shows your work to the ones interested in it.We also will be doing Live streaming. Hopefully!!

BBS: Rahul, it’s really great to know that you are working independently on an amazing project. Who is your pillar of strength and how do you manage everything?

Rahul: Rahul is my pillar of strength. I should not sound pompous but it’s the truth.My co founder left, because the company wasn’t doing good. I was in good terms with her but she left. That’s when I realized that if I myself wouldn’t believe in my ideas why would anyone listen to me. Believe in yourself. I manage things by writing them in a future book.

BBS: Now we guys know you’re targeting young people by keeping things precise and providing point to point information. What makes Crunch different from other portals? What is you USP?

Rahul: Our USP is that you don’t post on our app just for the sake of showcasing your talent, we pay you for your talent. It’s unlike Instagram or YouTube, who give you a target of a numbered viewers or subscribers and only then they pay you. We pay you the guaranteed share when your work is sold or liked by our client. We would actually pay you. EXCITING RIGHT?

BBS: To become this successful have been through a tough journey. Have you ever faved negativity ? If yes, then how did you deal with it?

Rahul: I don’t give a damn about them (laughs). Secondly, they aren’t haters, they admire me. People who can not be me or envy me are the so called “haters”. To overcome the negativity you gotta think. Trust your instincts and swear by it. Don’t come under the influence of others. You need to listen and filter that up. Negativity is only a state of mind.

BBS: Your mission is to create order out of chaos. Have you achieved it yet? If yes, how? And if not, how will you achieve your goal?

Rahul: *search for a paper* January 2017 Delhi market organisation, August 2017 5 million $ valuation and August 2019 Crunch pvt. ltd. goes IPO. These are really important and I read it everyday. On my way to succeeding them with hard-work and faith.

So these were the lesser known facts about Mr. Rahul Tiwari. Every one who’s on the top has been through something or the other and we here at bbs will talk about them, to inspire you, to motivate you. I hope Mr. Rahul Tiwari was very motivating and inspiring for you all. 

Writer: Shivani Alka






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