“What inspired me to start my fashion line? Family traits? Haha. Oh well. It’s a very emotional one in here. I had a broke phone, dad refused to pay me 7k and asked me to earn myself.”

Vaishvi lakhina is a very well known fashion enterpenuer. She’s been an inspiration to a lot many fashion designers. Why you say? You will find that out yourself by the end of this interview. 

BBS: What inspired you to start your own fashion line? Who’s your pillar of strength?
VAISHVI LAKHINA: What inspired me to start my fashion line? Family traits? Haha. Oh well. It’s a very emotional one in here. I had a broke phone, dad refused to pay me 7k and asked me to earn myself. EVERYBODY believed that I can, I was scared though but you know what? I did. And after earning 7k I just didn’t want to put all of them on a PHONE!?! My parents are my pillar of strength. They didn’t monetary invest in this business but invested with love and faith and I’m glad I am living upto their expectations. 

BBS :Where do you want to see your fashion line in next 5 years?

VAISHVI LAKHINA: Planning to open a chain store, my dream scares me here. I hope my hardwork will pay off sweet. 

BBS: Now we all know that you used the power of social media to spread your business. Tell us something more about it?

VAISHVI LAKHINA: As a child, I was always kept away from phones and social networking sites. Obviously my family didn’t want me to get into unwanted situations. But we have pros and cons of everything today , provided we utilise it with brains and I did. Social media has been an amazing path to reach millions over these two years. We have served internationally, even celebrities and fashion bloggers!

BBS: Who’s your favourite fashion designer? 

VAISHVI LAKHINA:Pankaj and Nidhi, any day! I am a print maniac and their prints are so unique, so craving! Mama Mia!

BBS:What’s that one styling tip for skinny girls and for plus size girls? 

VAISHVI LAKHINA: First would be always trust the person who has studied about fashion and fabrics but as usual people don’t. One must always choose colours and prints as per their figure, if plus size go for vertical in nautical and if skinny go for big prints to enhance your figure. 

BBS: You are very strong and independent in a very young age, what are your plans for the next year? 

VAISHVI LAKHINA: Planning to grow like every moment and always. Want to open a showroom in a mall, everything’s planned but what I see these days is people choosing online over going and buying keeping time as their excuse. So maybe growing online too, Jabong, Flipkart etc etc. 

BBS: Here comes the fun part. Do you think you need a man to help you spread your business? Haha. 

VAISHVI LAKHINA: My dad!❤️ He is a gem, I have never seen a dad supporting his kid this much. My sibling is jealous at times. Haha. He has been into business since long ( not clothing though ), he’s experienced of managing everything I face. How cool, right? 

BBS: Is there any thing you want to tell our readers? You’re truly an inspiration and we would love to get some tips from you. 

VAISHVI LAKHINA: When work is worship, devote yourself! Your hard work and your determination is the only thing that’s going to pay you, nothing’s gonna happen by itself. 

Vaishvi Lakhina has been working really hard in spreading her business. We all know that she’s an amazing fashion designer but also a very stong Independent Woman. She believes in customer satisfaction and she surely has maintained that. Her customer and fan base is very strong! Don’t forget to check her out on social media platforms by the name of:

Instagram: @Lakhinacouture 

Facebook: @Lakhinacouture 

Tell her that we sent you there. Show this pretty woman some love and help her grow even more.

All the very best to you.

-Bhumika Mewati 

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