Big bang spot is very lucky for the fact that we manage to feature or interview young budding talent on our magazine. Our team got the oppurtunity to interview India’s upcoming beat boxer: Divyansh Kacholia. Beat Boxing is the art of mimicking drum beats from your mouth and there’s no doubt that Divyansh’s an amazing beat boxer. He don’t really need an introduction. He’s an amazing performer and has been doing great in the industry. Divyansh’s Publicity design manager-BOOST U- took him to a new level by doing their job, which is to make him famous and boy, hasn’t he got fans.

Unlike 90% of the population Divyansh decided to break free everything that was holding his creativity. That was maybe one of his best life decision.  Also, team BBS believes that there are some interesting facts, something more to know about him. Let’s have a rapid fire question and answer round with Mr. Divyansh Kacholia. 

BBS: Beat boxing is not very popular in India. There were high chances of failure but you still managed to do something so unique. How? What’s the secret?

Divyansh Kacholia: It is a very unexplored area in India if we compare it to international beat boxing. There’s so much more to know about beat boxing! It is an art. I want to come up with something unique, something that nobody has ever tried in beat boxing. I have dared myself to take up this challenge. Hopefully, I’ll do something that will not only impress the youngsters but also the old generation. Entertainment is my approach towards my profession. I got inspired by the world beat box champion 2012, we jammed together and that is when i decided that this is what I’m made for.

BBS: There are other people in this industry who are really popular but they tend to go blind in the limelight. What is your mantra to avoid such a situation?

Divyansh Kacholia: I’m a very simple person with a very simple approach towards my profession. I believe in only two mantras and I swear by those. First, ego kills. Second, don’t leave people behind in the process of chasing your dreams or wanting to achieve something.

BBS: It seems impossible to do something as unique as beat boxing without a bunch of haters. What do you do to avoid such people? Any funny stories related to that?

Divyansh Kacholia: Haha! There is surely a crazy story related to this. Once I was travelling through a public transport. Now that we know that I’m an artist with music to my soul, I can potentially jam any where. I started jamming on my way and there was an uncle sitting next to me who asked me to stop. I was embarrassed, I immediately stopped and apologized. I took a moment to come out of that embarrassing moment. Later I started folk beat boxing for that same man and he was very impressed by my work. I told you, my work is all generations friendly.


BBS: Unlike 90% of the population you chose beat boxing over MBA, Engineering and etc. as your career. Why?

Divyansh Kacholia: No, no, that is not the case. I want be a very educated artist and not a college dropout. I’m preparing for CAT and hopefully I’ll be able manage to handle both.

BBS: Where do you want to see your name in next five years?

Divyansh Kacholia: My dream is to showcase my talent in the world beat box talent. I just want to be there, I just want to showcase my talent.


( Interesting questions up next)

BBS: Did you ever tried to woo a girl by your beat boxing? Be real Divyansh.

Divyansh Kacholia: Hahahah! I see funny questions coming. I would say an absolute yes. I travel a lot through public transport and whenever i see a cute girl next to me i start beat boxing and you know the rest. I impressed my first girlfriend from volleyball and later with beat boxing. Due to personal reasons we later broke up and I’m single today. *smiles*

BBS: Now a days our generation do not want to settle for less. Ain’t nobody want a 9-6 desk job. They want to be creative and innovative. You are a living example of that. Any tips for new talent in town?

Divyansh Kacholia: Live your dreams. Give time to your hobby! You have a 9-5 job? Great. What about your dreams? Pursue your dreams, lovers. Satisfaction. Please be satisfied always with what you do.


Impressed, aren’t you? He’s not just a very talented person but also an inspiration to young people. It was so fun interviewing him. With the chilled out attitude he gave the best response to all the questions. We wish you a very happy and successful life ahead. If you have a dream then live it. Break free of everything that is coming in your way. Live your dreams just like Mr. Divyansh Kacholia.

-Shivani Alka & Bhumika Mewati

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  2. JD Arya says:

    He is going to be a great entertainer in the next 5 yrs. Best of luck buddy.


  3. Ishan says:

    This guys huge ! Saw him bbxing in a concert in Jaipur. Totally amazed. Hats off boy !


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