India is known for a lot of things and music is surely one of those things. So here we have “Astitva” the band that is taking music to a new level with every passing day. Astitva is one of the most listened and most followed bands in India, and this is mainly because their songs are so beautiful. It is multi-genre band that doesn’t confine itself to a particular type of songs. Astitva isn’t afraid of trying something new and this is one of the main reasons why fans love it so much.

The name, “Astitva” is a Sanskrit word that means identity and Astitva band has surely established their identity in India. Their latest song, Dil Banjara crossed a million views on YouTube and it is growing with every passing day. It is, however, interesting that the outstanding music in “Dil Banjara” isn’t the only reason on why the song reached a million views. Fans were also amazed to see Bhuvan Bam in their video- who is a YouTube celebrity.

In all, Dil Banjara has been a treat to all of Astitva’s listeners. It is a beautiful song that captures the feeling of love and betrayal perfectly. The listeners can relate to the lyrics of the song and that is what makes the song even better. Now, let’s talk about the video that has gained a lot of attention on YouTube. The video features Bhuvan Bam who gets betrayed by a girl for someone better. The acting and portrayal of the feelings is so accurate that it attracts the viewers even more to the song. It is then, in the end of the video the girl realizes her mistake and tries to come back to Bhuvan. The viewers can connect to the video because of the portrayal of love and betrayal is so beautiful. Everyone must have committed some mistakes in their lives and Dil Banjara is surely going to hit you right in the feels.

Astiva’s Publicity design manager- Boost U- out did themself this time because the reach of this video was commendable.

So what are you waiting for? Throw away all your work and tap open the YouTube app. You NEED to listen to this song because it surely deserves your time. Thank us later.



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