“Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine.”

– Section 377 of the Indian Penal Court

Since childhood, we are taught that we should be honest and truthful, for we would be praised for our candor, but growing up has taught me that not every honest person is rewarded. There are some who criticized for being what they are- who they are.

Before we begin, today, I want to make something really very clear- the LGBT community is not going around and converting heterosexuals into one of them. Seriously, they are not Jesus- they are humans like us. Wait a second, but you don’t believe that they are humans, right? Like every other human, they have feelings, just they are a little different than ours- you can’t criticize them for having feelings. Hold on, if we sum up everything, it almost sounds like you criticize them for being a human- silly me, because that would make you a hypocrite and you certainly aren’t one.

India is home to nearly a billion people and it is safe to say that not all of them are the same. Everyone have their own choices, their own freedom to love someone they want to but maybe it’s the “culture” in our country that stops us from being who we are.

The homosexual population in India is considered freaks by most of the youth, as well. The group that almost contributes 20% of the total Indian population have to live in fear because the country isn’t a safe place for them. Section 377 of the IPC stops any “unnatural” sex that is taking place ANYWHERE in India. Now what the government and the people of India need to understand that this doesn’t only clash with the personal choice of a person but also, with the Right to Privacy and Freedom of speech and expression.

And what does “Unnatural sex” mean? I couldn’t simplify it any further- Any kind of intimacy that is much more painful than the mainstream sex and will also not result into childbirth. But wait, this makes stuff like oral sex illegal; great, so now even we, the heterosexuals, are criminals (Thanks, Sapan Verma).

Now a country like India is blessed with haters who are going to hate anyone and everyone- so it is obvious that the LGBT community would, too, have haters. Some say, the haters are afraid of Gay community and we all know the term “Homophobia.” Now guys, there is absolutely no reason on why someone needs to fear them- well I would have supported you if they had fangs but I don’t see any. They just want the respect that any other human deserves and is it too much to ask for? No one needs to be afraid of someone who is fighting for love.

Homophobia is not going to leave until and unless people stop spreading lies like a famous “Baba” (I’m not going to name him because I am scared of the government- they are dangerous) who claimed that he could cure homosexuality. That would have been great for low thinkers but wait last we checked homosexuality wasn’t a disease so sorry, baba.

People need to understand that homosexuality isn’t a choice. No one taught me to love but I was automatically attracted to a girl; falling in love with a girl wasn’t my choice but it just happened. Now, why is it so hard to understand that “it” happens the same way with homosexuals as well? So what they don’t share the same taste as we do? We shouldn’t be concerned on what happens inside someone’s bedroom (okay, that’s a good line).

Even if some people agree to the fact that Section 377 should be decriminalized, they are too shy to talk about it- because of the Indian culture (duh!). Now, my question is why should someone be afraid of saying the right thing because they think it goes against Indian culture? As a matter of fact, the ancient and medieval statues in the temples of India clearly prove them wrong. Now, culture is a weapon used by many to slow down the growth of India in many sectors but why should someone use something to be proud of against progress? Exactly, no answer.

Section 377 came into action in 1860 by the British in India. In 1967, Britain was sensible enough to decriminalize it in England and Wales; god knows what are we waiting for. Although, in 2009 the High court decriminalized section 377 but was again re-criminalized by the Supreme court in 2013. The final judgment is yet to come and we, for certain, hope for the best.

The fight for the right to be respected is being fought bravely by the LGBT community and the only reason there is a fight is because there is a lack of awareness. Maybe that is the only reason why something like this needs to be sensitized. There are not a lot of things that an individual like me and you can do but what we can do is still appreciable. I, once, got to know about a boy who came out and his parents disowned him leading to suicide; one question- WHY? The awareness needs to be spread and it needs to be spread right now. We want nothing from you but a warm smile on your face and accept them the way they are- believe me, that’s all that they want.

Writer; Ayush Tripathi

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