“Why are always men supposed to offer their seats?”

“Why only men are supposed to hold the doors?”

“They have their reserved coach- and yet they come and raid the unreserved ones.”

“I was just looking at her- tell me, what’s the harm in that?”

Hello men,

Well it’s a harsh world to live in right now- for us, definitely! Why do these women think they are better than us? Is it so hard to understand that god made us like this because of a reason? When he made us stronger, he automatically made us better than the women. Yet, we offered them everything we could- right to vote, work and what not? Girls, you should be grateful to us. But wait- is there something that I’m missing? Possibly not- I mean, you can’t really expect us to be grateful of the fact that you gave birth to us, right?

But I think I might be missing something else, as well. See, running our homes and families are your supposed jobs- you wouldn’t want us to be grateful for that. What am I missing then?

Oh, I got it- you women are doing your jobs, pretty well- it’s the men who have forgotten their job. Sorry, guys, but it seems like we are at fault this time. Let me start from the very beginning. You grew up in a household where your own mother wasn’t given the respect that she deserved. You always knew that it wasn’t fair but as you grew up, you realized that it is the way everything works. You were treated way better than your sister ever was. You could stay out for as long as you wanted- if you didn’t have strict parents- and she had to come back home by 6:30 in the evening. You, automatically, went to a better college and she did not. Your mother was the only one who understood her and you were too busy living your life at its fullest.

Now comes the turn of the other women in your life. Remember the time when you were travelling in metro and a girl entered at Rajiv Chowk Station? Yes, I’m talking about the time when some pervert (man) took advantage of the blue line crowd and groped her in there. You know what’s funny? I don’t remember you standing up for the girl; I don’t remember anyone else doing that, too. You remember what you did, don’t you? You turned away and plugged in your earphones- what a man.

I hope you remember the time when a female coworker got appraisal and not you. Remember bitching about her in the whole office, telling them how hard you worked for the projects and she got the promotion because of the “Extra-time” she dedicated to the boss? Well, what if she really did work hard for the post? What if your boss wasn’t a self obsessed narcissist like you? Oh and you surely don’t remember that her salary was way less than the other “men” on that post.

Your wife deserved more than a small kitchen and a television set. When you married in our eyes. There, you swore to be in her ups and downs and guess what? You turned out to be her biggest down. Your daughter needed someone to support her and not a constant reminder on how the world was unfair to them.

We have been seeing the world the way we wanted it to be. Maybe, it’s time to open our eyes and see it for what it is. They don’t want much from us- all they want is equality, not on posters or newspaper. Is it too much to ask for? They are fighting for something that should have been obvious and they are not going to win unless we men come and support them. They are not greater than us and we are certainly not greater than them but equal is something that we can work with. Stop cursing the feminists; it’s a rough world for them. And, if you support equality then you are a feminist, too (Thank you, Tanmay Bhatt), so why not cut the feminists some slack and do whatever we can to see a better future?

The life that you are leading is a hell lot easier than they are. They get raped, molested, discriminated but still they rise. I’m not saying men don’t get molested or discriminated but I thought it was your mentality that men are stronger than women. This is not an ideal world, my friends- but this is the only we have and if it can’t become an ideal world then the least we can do is save it from our demons.

Maybe, now, for a change try to be a man?

I hope you liked this post.

Writer: Ayush Tripathi

Editor: Bhumika Mewati

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    1. bigbangspot says:

      Thanks a lot bro ❤


  1. huskylife05 says:

    Ayush tripathi.
    Talking about women, feminism.
    Good. It’s in trend. Everyone does
    And it’s a issue being raised from years and on and holds its own importantance.
    But here’s something i would like to say.
    We men, work our ass off
    We work, we run huge businesses
    We do jobs, we do everything possible
    For our family.
    Why do we earn, why do we take so much pressure, for our families
    The kids, the wife.
    We do everything to fullfill their demands and make them happy.
    And that’s our primary role.
    But what if we men today stand down and say we don’t wanna work,and we’ll sit at home
    Cook food, Nurture the kids
    Take care of everything at home.
    Can a woman take the responsibility of a man?
    No. Why?
    Because they’re not made that day
    They’re made soft, they’re gentle, they’re lovely and they are the love of our lives.
    They were not born to run the family as a man.
    They were born to take care of the family
    To support their husband,
    There’s a saying
    Behind a successful man, there’s a woman.
    Agreed. But why we say this
    Because there’s this pure soul of a woman, a wife
    Who supports the man of their life.
    It’s not that we criticize woman
    No, they’re the ones we live for.
    Before talking about feminism
    See the both sides.
    Thank you.


    1. bigbangspot says:

      Your views are appreciable but we don’t agree to a point where you said a woman can’t do what the man can. That’s not true. There are many households in India where the men stay at home and take care of the household whereas the women go out and earn. You must be well informed by the story of Mary Kom. This is one famous example. There are many more unrecognized.


      1. huskylife05 says:

        You didn’t get me.
        I meant she ain’t supposed to.
        We men we are made rough, we’re made to run and run all day just to earn money and make our family happy. We do that willingly and without complaining
        If a woman & man both start working, who would see the family?
        Who would maintain the relation
        Who would see the kids?
        I’m degrading a woman here
        No, but that’s her uniqueness
        In this rush of life, of a woman trying to become a man, she has lost her uniqueness.
        She is unique because she’s a woman.
        Not because she’s a converted man.


  2. huskylife05 says:

    I’m not degrading **


  3. bigbangspot says:

    Hi there, Ayush this side, well I can’t say that I loved your comment but I, certainly, didn’t hate it, for it made clear to the others on what kind of men I was referring to. Sir, maybe I wasn’t clear from this blog- I failed at my duty but what type of person are you who thinks born with a little extra strength is going to give you power over a woman? I had clearly mentioned it in my blog that feminism means fighting for equality and if you are against it then certainly you oppose the basic idea of progress. The famous saying, “Every successful man has a woman behind him.” came a lot before anyone of us was born- the youth, nowadays belive “Every successful man has a woman BESIDE him.”
    I just wanted to say that the life that we men are leading is tough but the one they are living is a thousand times more difficult.
    I hope my thoughts were clear to you, if not may god help you 🙂


  4. Godfather says:

    Sir, the thoughts that u shared with us, are the proof that there are men like u who are so insecure of a woman standing at the platform same as their’s in life. It amazes me that as a human being u stop another human being from all the things that u take pride in saying that they are not made for this. You sir, r a bloody ass hypocrite.


  5. Godfather says:

    Dude i feel sad for all the women around u, for they have to tolerate a hyprocrite like u.


  6. Ayush, well done! I loved the post.
    If I may, I would like to give my contribution to this discussion.
    Mr. @huskylife05 (pardon me since I do not know your name), all of you men (by ‘all’ I mean ‘ALL’ of the males on this Earth) are welcome to say that you’d like to nurture the kids and take care of the household. Of course, women are supposed to give birth and breastfeed since we are ‘made’ that way but other than our vaginas and our breasts there’s nothing different in human bodies so I wonder how did you come to this conclusion that men are stronger? Muscular strength- is that what you’re talking about? As Ayush said, Mary Kom is a perfect answer to your doubt.
    And calling a woman ‘converted man’ is wrong, just like it is wrong to call a gay man a ‘converted woman’. No one is converting each other here. There are humans who love to cook and take care of the kids and there are humans who love to work and earn – both of these categories are gender-neutral (I should rather say that ‘it SHOULD be gender-neutral’)
    Thanks 🙂


  7. The Goalkeeper says:

    @Sonali Wadhwa
    A high five for u!! ✋


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