Team BBS got an amazing opportunity to interview Kashvi Chauhan. Kashvi is a Delhi based fashion blogger. Despite of the fact that she is new in the fashion community, she managed to win countless hearts with her amazing style. She is so good in her work that she managed to hit a 15,000 followers. Congratulations, ma’am!

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She’s professionally very focused and never fails to impress her readers. She also did not initially start as a fashion blogger. YESSS, GIRLS! She absolutely did not. Kashvi Chauhan used be an amateur writer. What? You did not know that? Go hit her old posts on word press. From long distance relationships to the actual meaning of life, she has covered all such topics. EXCITING!


We had a great chat with her. Read more about this beauty now:



Interviewer: What inspired you to start your own blog?

Kashvi Chauhan: Well, i always had a  great interest in fashion, styling and etc.

Interviewer: We have heard a lot about your positivity. Can you tell our readers what makes you so positive?

Kashvi Chauhan: For me inner peace and self believe can create a loop of positivity around you, So yeah! Believe in yourself and be focused.

Interviewer: How do you deal with negative comments and haters?

Kashvi Chauhan: Honestly, at the very moment when i read them i feel so bad. But then i take a deep breath and remind myself that its a part of life. And they are not the haters who speak but their jealousy which says, ‘that i’m doing great’ So yeah! Chill and move forward.

Interviewer: One makeup brand you swear by?

Kashvi Chauhan: Loreal.

Interviewer: The most dominating colour in your wardrobe?

Kashvi Chauhan: blue.

Interviewer: What is your everyday makeup look?

Kashvi Chauhan: For my face i like to put bb creame + compact and i add a hint of blush to the apple of my cheeks.  For my eyes- Winged eyeliner and mascara.

Interviewer: What are your targets in 2016, what do you aim for?

Kashvi Chauhan: I want to  focus more on my studies. Also, i’m planning to start my own youtube channel super soon. Stay tuned for that! Haha!

Interviewer: Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

Kashvi Chauhan: I just want to see myself saying, “yes” i did it, standing right in front of my parents with a little shine of pride in their eyes. Those happy eyes would be the most priceless possession of my life.

Aww, that is so sweet of you.

Interviewer: Who’s your constant support/backbone?

Kashvi Chauhan: My mom.

Mommy’s girl

Interviewer: Please give few tips to new or upcoming bloggers?

Kashvi Chauhan: If blogging is your passion, live it and love it. Know your worth and keep it right in your head(specially for fashion bloggers) But please don’t get into this field if you are only aim is to earn money.


Wasn’t that just too cute and amazing? You go girl. Team BBS wishes you best of luck. May god bless you! We will work together again. You tube channel starting, right? Haha!

=Writer: Bhumika Mewati

-Editor:Ayush Tripathi

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