Big Bang Spot, just introduced a new segment to their online magazine, “Know me more”.

“Know me more” Is a segment where big bang spot will introduce you to some great, popular personalities. That is just so exciting, isn’t it?

How great it is to know the people you have been following from past so many months/years. You can get a closer look to their everyday lifestyles, passions, hobbies, inspirations and so much more. Are you guys ready for this roller coaster journey with your favourite personalities?

We first introduce you to this amazing personality, Sonali Wadhwa by the name of ‘The Insane Doll’


Sonali, has been in this beauty, fashion, lifestyle community from quite a long time. She initially did not start as a fashion or a lifestyle blogger. All this began in the month of April’2015. She started writing about the social issues because she wanted to change the stereotypical norms of the society. In December’ 2015 she was introduced to the world of fashion and beauty. There was no looking back for her after that. She is also a literature student and is doing her graduation currently. Young budding talent, isn’t it? She has collaborated with brands like accessorize, Lavie and the list goes on.


Our founders decided to have a chat with her, about her life. This is what she had to say:



Interviewer: What inspired you to start your own blog?

Sonali Wadhwa: My blog wasn’t started as a fashion portal. I used to write articles on social issues (which somehow got deleted). So the force that drives me to change the world inspired me to start a blog. You will be seeing a lot more posts of that genre on my blog again, very soon!


Interviewer: We have heard a lot about your positivity. Can you tell our readers what makes you so positive?

Sonali Wadhwa: Books, the good ones, of course.

Interviewer: How do you deal with negative comments and haters?

Sonali Wadhwa: I see if the comment is true, if it is, I improve and if it’s not, why should I care?

Interviewer: One makeup brand you swear by?

Sonali Wadhwa: Maybelline

Interviewer: The most dominating colour in your wardrobe?

Sonali Wadhwa: Black.

Interviewer: What is your everyday makeup look?

Sonali Wadhwa: Lots of mascara, filled brows and a tint on the lips. I don’t do foundation every day, just a sunscreen.

Interviewer: What are your targets in 2016, what do you aim for?

Sonali Wadhwa: Read more books & grow – professionally and humanly.

Interviewer: Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

Sonali Wadhwa: Selling my designs, making a living out of my blog and enjoying my life in Bali.

Interviewer: Who’s your constant support/backbone?

Sonali Wadhwa: I’d have answered ‘Books’ if the question started with a ‘what’ haha. Well, not a lot of people believe in you when you’re starting off so I’d say some authors (Ayn Rand tops the list) and the words they have written keep me going. Did you realize that my answer is ultimately books? Haha!

Interviewer: Please give few tips to new or upcoming bloggers?

Sonali Wadhwa: I don’t think I am at a stage to give a lot of tips but one thing that I have come to know now is that blogging industry is not as kind as it looks so I will advise everyone to stay grounded and grateful wherever they reach (in whatever profession).


Writer: Bhumika Mewati

Editor: Ayush Tripathi


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