67 and going young and strong

She has nurtured more than 1000s of orphaned children and transformed them into doctors, engineers, lawyers and well educated people. She has taken on a dreaded mission that most would not dream, if they were in abject poverty, hungry, beaten & abandoned by her husband when pregnant and absolutely destitute…
She is none other than Sindhutai Sapkal & also known as ‘Mother of Orphans’ is an Indian social worker based in Maharashtra and social activist known particularly for her  work for raising orphan children. She loves being called ‘Mai’.

“We make a living by what we GET, but we make a life by what we GIVE.” This has been the motto of Sindhutai Sapkal all her life after she thought of ending it up. We all call her today’s Mother Teresa. She is a lady full of power and so strongly willed with such a huge amount of inspiration for today’s world. She has proved it to the world that nothing is worth dying for. She has proved it that no amount of sorrow is enough to make a person end his/her or go into depression.


  1. BORN on 14th of November, 1948 at Pimpri Meghe village in Wardha district of Maharashtra, to  Abhiman Sathe who was an illiterate  cowherd in Pimpri who was keen on educating her, much against his wife’s wishes.She used Bharadi tree leaves to write as the family could not afford a slate. Being an unwanted child, she was NICKNAMED “Chindhi” which means a torn piece of cloth.She got MARRIED at the tender age of 10 to a 30 years old man Shrihari In Navargaon.

    2.  CREATED A SENSATION in Navargaon in 1972 when she demanded that the forest                department pay the village women for the cow dung they collected. The department              used to auction the dung to landlords and pocket the cash. They won the fight.

    3.  THE BEGINING OF THE STRUGGLE; the taste of success is sweet, but itbroke up her             family. She claims that an annoyed landlord, Damdaji Asatkar, spread the rumor that           the child she was carrying was his. “My husband decided to abandon me,” says                       Sindhu Tai. She was beaten up and dumped in a cow shed, where her daughter,                         Mamata, was born. “It was October 14, 1973,” Sindhu Tai intones. “I cut the umbilical           cord with a sharp-edged stone lying nearby.”

Mamta, her daughter


4. THE IDEA OF STARTING AN ORPHANAGE; The idea of living for others was just taking root when she found herself in Chikhaldara. She realized the plight of orphaned and abandoned Adivasi children. Initially she took care of the children in return for some meager food. Looking after them was a source of livelihood. It didn’t take long for it to become the mission of her life. She later donated her biological child to the trust Shrimant Dagdu Sheth Halwai, Pune, only to eliminate the feeling of partiality between her daughter and the adopted ones.



5.TODAY SHE’S A HERO; till date she has adopted and nurtured over 1,400 orphans, helped them get an education, got them married and supported them to settle down in life. The children are not given up for adoption. She treats them as her own and some of them are now lawyers, doctors and engineers.

  • Sindhutai with her love and compassion has gathered a huge family of 207 sons-in-law, 36 daughters-in-law and over 1000 grandchildren.
  • Her life’s story inspired many and a Marathi film called “Mee Sindhutai Sapkal” was made on her which won a national award.


That’s the life of a lesser known hero. As she says “All your sorrows are just for a night, the night will set eventually and no one can stop the day to rise.”


But now she’s facing a huge problem in getting her orphanage registered. If there’s even a little good left in this world let’s sustain it. On the 5th of July, Maharashtra’s Chief Minister Mr. Devendra Fadnavis has come forward to strongly support mai Sindhu Tai. After so many people supporting her, we finally won! Faith in humanity is restored, readers!

All she needs is your SUPPORT. Team Big Bang Spot supports you, ma’am.

Writer: Shivani Alka; Edited by; Bhumika Mewati

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