Big bang spot! You guys must be wondering what and how did we come up with this name and what is our magazine all about. Let’s begin with the team’s introduction.


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I’m the one with the greatest sense of humor, I swear. My name is Bhumika Mewati, 19 years old, “Delhi ki kudi”. I don’t know if I should be true with you or just introduce myself for the sake of my magazine. I’m nothing but just a  social media enthusiast. Growing up in conservative family was not at all an easy task. This took a lot, a lot. I was the weakest in the subject mathematics because of which my parents were always worried about me. A deep silence, a very deep one. My parents always thought that I can’t do much with my life but little did they know that I’m secretly planning to start my own online magazine. Reading interviews of all the successful people, I have learnt that you don’t have to be a book worm or your teacher’s pet to do something great and unique. You are you so please do you,boo. I was never the star of my school, I was judged by almost everybody for what i was. I suffered depression but everybody on this entire planet decided to either mock or do some yakety talk. All I have learnt in past 19 years is, “Talk less, work more” . You think you are a real bad writer but that makes you feel good about your existence?  Honey, you need to use your pen and see the magic of that ink.




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Introducing oneself can be a heck of a deal if you don’t know yourself. But, I doing BBA from Jagannath International Management School have got a separate subject known as Personality development and communications skills (PDCS) which has eased me up a little on this front. Also because of the 14 years of education in a convent. So here I go to introduce myself. I’m Shivani Alka, 19 years old, Gemini, born and bought up in Delhi. I’m a shudh Delhite who knows all the hip and happening places of Delhi and loves to travel. I love to travel and am stuck with Wanderlust 365 days and 24×7. I’m a “Delhi ki ladki” who takes no shit. I’m an avid reader be it any novel (with good sense of writing) or book (except course ones). I’m a great admirer of classic literature, mainly the ones of Shakespearean Era. My hobbies are to sleep, eat, dance, swim, read and repeat. My dream is to work as hard as possible until my ideals become my competitors. This is my only life motto. Hardcore believer of “Karma” because I believe that if you do good to others you get good for yourself too. I love to discover about anything and everything that grabs my interest. Do believe in god and his plans for me but am strong enough to change them with my hard work and will power (if they aren’t good). Time for one word characteristics (much needed to finish up the whole) I’m Blunt, Bold, Strong, hard worker, keen for details, chatter box (once you get to know me), Sarcasm is my weapon (because killing people is illegal), biggest fan of Friends sitcom (had to mention them they are love), love making new friends and connecting to new people, did I hear food? Yes, a big time foodie too, fashion enthusiast, and a considerably good blogger (with your support).




Hello guys, I’m known to the world as Karan Sharma, the guy who’s behind the lens trying to capture time and showcase it to the world. Photography is not just another form of art, it’s an emotion and I try to capture that emotion every time I am out there with my camera in my hand. Photography is not work for me; it is more like free therapy. It helps me calm my soul and I try to find and capture depth through my photos. Photography also helps evoke the wanderlust in me and satisfy the desire to explore and travel the world, seeing new places and making new friends.



With a sweet chirpy nature we present to you our amazingly talented Marketing Head. This is what she had to say:  My name is Prakshi Malik, 18 years old. I look up to social media marketing in my life because it is one of the most difficult yet creative job field. I aim to showcase the best of me for big bang spot! I wanted to grab the opportunity given to me by Team BBS because I need a platform to showcase my talent and also to gain a little experience in this field. Big bang spot is super creative idea and i can’t wait to work with them. “Hard work is the key to success” I swear by this. I hope to work really hard with BBS and not to disappoint any of my reader or follower.



We present to you our very pretty and very talented fashion editor. She is definitely everything we were looking for. Here’s what she had to say: 

“ Everyday is a fashion show, and the world is your runway! So better dress well” If I am asked what’s my favourite colour? I’d tell you all of the colours in the colour palate! And that’s exactly how I define myself to be! Full of life, cheerful and rainbow like! One fine day I just got a call from the founder of #TeamBBS and she surprises me by saying that, “ I am hiring you” what a thunderbolt it was for me. Getting the post of a fashion editor is like a dream come true. I am Vrinda Baweja,18 years old, with a very long bucket list!  I guess I was born with this fashion obsession syndrome. Patterns, buttons, needles and glitter dust always attracted me! I have got this fashion love affair and this is something which would last forever! I think out of the box and got this fierce zeal to explore and experience. Got invisible spectacles to see things from the eye of a fashion lover! And now it’s my time to make you fall for the lust for fashion, sequin by sequin, cause life is too short to wear boring clothes!




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Our editor is no less, readers. This is what he had to say about Team BBS. 

I want to thank Team BBS for this chance and this platform. My name is Mayur, 19 years old, keeping a clear vision towards my pipe dream. I’m a college student from Delhi. I’m not only a writer but also a state level footballer and a lead guitarist in a music band. I choose BBS because they gave me an amazing platform and work flexibility. I know we all have different dreams and aspirations but all I would like to say is, “I know it’s a long road but I’m sure, I will find the end.




A student, a writer, a dreamer and a person so common that, maybe, you won’t even stop to say “Hi”. I am like just any other person you would see or meet- it’s just that I’m not quite like anyone else. I pride myself on my ability of seeing things through a special set of lens that probably just belong to me- no there’s nothing wrong with my eyes. I am probably the most sarcastic in the lot- yes, even more than you, Bhumika. My life has always been a good one and that is mainly because I always had great people disguised as my friends to guide and support me. Over the nineteen really boring years of my life, I have learnt a lot of things that may or may not matter to a lot of people- but those things have shaped me to what I am. I believe in escaping the real life through my stories- because, let’s face it, that fictional world can be ANYTHING, you just have to creative enough. I know how powerful can words be- you won’t bleed but you would die of the impact and that’s what I am here for. No, I’m not going to kill you- I am here for all the fun and maybe I can be over-confident enough to say that you are going to like BBS.


That is what Team BBS had to say about BIG BANG SPOT! We here at BBS will try our level best not to disappoint any of our reader. BIG BANG SPOT will take you through a roller coaster journey of fashion, food, entertainment and much more. Fasten your seat belts. Follow us on all our social media platforms for regular updates!                                                     

Thank you! Team BBS.

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